Top 6 natural wonders that allures you to visit Thailand

Mother Nature has truly given some of her best creations to Thailand. One of the main reasons for tourists flocking to Thailand is its unprecedented natural sceneries. Thailand’s tropical climate combined with breathtaking natural sights offer a serene escape for those who need a change of scenery and wish to pause their hectic life for some moments. Thailand’s incredible biodiversity and geological formations throughout the country presents some jaw-dropping vistas that will leave you spellbound. Check out these outstanding nature splendours that have charmed wanderlusts to Thailand year after year. 

  1. Phang Nga Bay
    While there are many things to do in Thailand, you will be quite disappointed if you miss visiting Phang Nga Bay. Captivating limestone karsts speckled with sparse green shrubbery jutting out of emerald sea waters, this scenic vision will straightaway make you think of the famous Thailand attraction – James Bond Island. This dramatic landscape and much more similar sceneries grace your eyes at Phang Nga Bay.  A sprawling ecological area comprising of breathtaking islands – Phang Nga Bay is located in Strait of Malacca. The landscapes are dominated by incredible phenomena of soaring limestone cliffs, caves and pristine beach shores sloping gently into aquamarine waters. The highlights of Phang Nga Bay are James Bond Island and Koh Panyee.  A  leisurely boat trip to explore these wonderful limestone karsts and nearby islands are truly soul-stirring experiences.
  2. Khao Yai National Park
    Nature’s abundance is at its best display at Khao Yai National Park. Being Thailand’s oldest forest areas and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Khao Yai National Park is one of the prominent places to visit in Thailand. The richness of wilderness and wildlife lets you reconnect deeply with nature’s beauty and tranquility. A hiking tour along its nature trails take you on an adventure to spot wildlife such as elephants, barking deer, gibbons, gaurs and an exotic variety of over 300 bird species. The tiger population is also significant in this National Park. Tweak up your adventure level with a biking trip on some of the lush forest covered rugged biking trails.  This Thailand natural wonder is 3 hours away from Bangkok city making it a nature escape for city dwellers and those seeking solace away from bustling life.
  3. Tham Lot
    Tham lot is a magnificent natural wonder that should definitely feature on your Thailand travel bucket list. A breezy one hour drive from Pai in Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand and you are going to witness a stunning labyrinth of limestone caves. Tham Lot is an extraordinary network of caves about 1600 metres long that consists of limestone stalactites and stalagmites, hidden caves, impressive chambers and a slender brook meandering its course through these formations. You can take guided tours that let you see these nature’s creations up close. You can even opt for a rafting tour on the underground stream. These caves are open for exploration to visitors from 8 am till 6 pm. Guided walking trips may cost around 200 Thai Bahts per person and there are accommodation campsites available as well at Tham Lot Nature Study Centre. A complete tour of the Tham Lot takes about 2 hours. It is recommended to exit the caves by twilight as these caves are inhabited by countless bats that return back as the day fades. 
  4. Ti Lo Su Waterfall
    Wondering where to go in Thailand to watch spectacular waterfalls? You will get many options to that query. However, of all the waterfalls of Thailand, Ti Lo Su Water Fall is the grandest cascade of the country. This gorgeous waterfall is the biggest and highest waterfall in the nation. Ironically, not many tourists know about it. It might be for the reason that these falls are situated far in northern Thailand close to the Myanmar border. The stunning falls originate from Mae Klong River and tumble down from limestone cliffs with a height of 820 feet meandering all the way into Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. The four-tiered waterfall is cocooned in remote lush rainforest area and a trek on a rainy day in October or November is a delight for nature lovers. There are guided trekking tours that take you to see the main falls and neighbouring falls such as Loe Lei Waterfall, Rainbow waterfall, and Lor Jor Waterfall. You can either walk all the way to the Falls from Huai Nong Luang Forest Guard HQ or choose a fast and short way to reach the falls by taking a boat ride on  Mae Klong River and then a short hike all the way to this breathtaking nature falls.
  5. Ang Thong National Marine Park
    A stunning collection of 42 islands scattered in the Gulf of Thailand together forms the Ang Thong National Marine Park. These islands are brimming with lush verdant rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, towering karsts, concealed coves and powdery white beaches. The tranquility you experience here along with refreshing greenery is mesmerizing. This nature sanctuary covers over 250 square kilometres of land as well as sea thereby having a biodiverse assortment of exotic wildlife, marine creatures, and rich foliage. This pristine haven is not just for nature lovers; adventure enthusiasts can gear up for an exciting day of scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, hiking and much more. Ang Thong National Marine Park is just a short ferry trip away from Koh Samui. The Marine Park remains closed in November and December.
  6. Similan Islands
    Here’s a pristine slice of paradise that is also an outstanding adventure playground for scuba diving enthusiasts. Similan Islands are an archipelago of eleven islands located away from the Southwestern coast of Thailand, deep in the Andaman Sea. The islands have an eclectic blend of white sandy beaches, tropical forests, and rocky boulders.  For those seeking solitude in faraway places with a hint of adrenaline thrill, Similan islands are perfect for you. The crystal clear turquoise waters will coerce you to jump in and splash around. The clarity of the water is perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling to view the marvels of underwater realm. The Similan islands are one of the best dive zones in the world thanks to clear visibility in water and an exotic assortment of marine life and coral reefs.  The islands are protected zones in Thailand and are usually closed for visitors from May until October every year.

In summary, Thailand’s scenic nature is marvelous which you definitely should not miss visiting on your Thailand travel. Once you are here, words cannot describe the places you have experienced. While you would obviously include iconic landmarks and important tourist attractions while deciding what to see in Thailand, including just one spot from above-listed nature sites will give you a refreshing change of experiencing a Thailand trip. So next time you plan to visit Thailand, all you need to do is get your Thailand visa online and consult a Thailand travel expert to chart out an ideal Thailand holiday which embraces nature’s sheer beauty as well.

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