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Into the life of dive instructor Sam Gresty

life of a dive instructor
Sam among the coral reef in the Solomon Islands

Want to quit your conventional job? Leave that 9-5 struggle? Do you need more excitement in your life than just 2 weeks of travel a year? Then perhaps becoming a scuba diving instructor and traveling the world is the life for you. Scuba diving can be more than just a passion; you can earn a good living and get the opportunity to live in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Samuel Gresty is living the dream and getting paid to do so – spending his days doing something he loves and being in some amazing locations.

So, how did Sam start his diving career?

Originally from England, Sam has travelled and lived in some of the world’s most exotic locations – leaving the grey skies and gloomy Brits behind. He began diving at the age of 16 with an Open Water Course with no intention to have completed an Advance Open Water Course to Dive Master in New York while still in his early 20’s. Sam went from New York to Jamaica on a 6-month internship to get more dives logged before beginning his Dive Instructor Course in Mexico.
From there Sam worked at Dressel Divers in Playa del Carmen, Manta Divers in Cancun, Moskito Divers and Adventure Club in Koh Phi Phi, Coral Expeditions in Cairns, Dive Gizo in the Solomon Islands and now has the possibly of instructing anywhere in the world. And he has had the chance to travel through Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania during breaks from work.

life of a dive instructor
Pros of being a dive instructor

Obviously being a dive instructor gives you the opportunities to experience many amazing dives. But it also gives you the ability to see what the world has to offer outside of diving; the ability to pick up and move with a job waiting for you in almost every beautiful location; the opportunity to meet new people constantly with the same mindset and to be able to experience new cultures from the inside.
Being a dive instructor isn’t a selfish job. It’s about sharing your knowledge and being a good teacher. Showing a first-time diver something as alien as the underwater world is why Sam loves his job. Hearing someone say they had the best dive or that they’ve had a life-changing experience keeps an average day hopeful and an average dive of a dive instructor

Ok, so now get jealous with some Divelust stories

You cannot plan an amazing dive. You can choose an amazing dive spot with the best coral or marine life; you can even choose the best time to go. But as we all know – the best experiences in life are by chance. So if you have the chance to dive every day, you will experience more of those unpredictable moments under the sea.
Sam’s best dives couldn’t have been planned. He reminisces of diving in Jamaica; even though Jamaica isn’t known for its amazing coral or abundance of sea life. But about once a month, randomly, dolphins would swim up to him and his pupils, giving them a little show. A solid 20 minutes of dolphin interaction and he got paid for it!

life of a dive instructor
Swimming with the Dolphins

Being a dive instructor gives you the knowledge and experience to get more out of each dive. You learn the ins and outs of how different marine life reacts to your actions and how to feel at peace in the unknown.
While diving in the Solomon Islands, Sam learnt the insider trick to get sharks swimming right towards him instantly. Swimming among 20 sharks can be quite intimidating, but an experience that is only once in a life time for the average diver and regular for a dive instructor.


It can’t all be all sunshine in the life of a dive instructor?

There is no such thing as the perfect job. The constant need for adventure and new experiences means leaving people behind, either at home or in a new destination. But traveling in any form gives you the chance to meet many people and form strong bonds in a short amount of time. Leaving each other unsure when (or if ever) you will meet again.

And of course, the reason we all work, the money. You will not get rich financially with a career as a diving instructor. With a job rich in enjoyment, employers in this industry tend to take advantage and pay very little. A job that requires you to be responsible of others’ lives and can also take a toll on your own would usually be paid more than the minimum wage. Within Sam’s years of experience, he has saved many divers lives while they have suffered panic attacks while under. But he takes on the responsibility with a brave face and remembers he must always be alert. Sam assures us though he has been able to live and save everywhere he has worked. Especially in countries like Australia; where the minimum wage is high.


life as a dive instructor
Sam experience the Solomon islands with the locals

So now you have all the firsthand information about being a dive instructor. Sam gets to spend his days doing something he loves in some of the most beautiful locations worldwide. He gets to capture these moments while under the water, experiencing local cultures, meeting passion-filled people and sharing some wonderful moments with his pupils. Live the dream, make your life a holiday and get paid for it being a scuba diving instructor.

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