5 Things You Should Expect After Your First Scuba Dive

Thousands of people learn to scuba dive every year and take part in courses around the globe. Scuba diving can be a daunting activity for first time divers. Whether it is the first session in a pool, or the first time in open water, nothing can truly prepare you for the initial experience. After undertaking your first dive, here are five things to expect.

You Will Feel Fatigued More Than You Thought

Scuba diving can be very deceptive in how much energy and effort it takes. The act of breathing underwater while carrying the weight of the scuba gear is tougher than it looks in photos. First time divers will often find that their air tank runs out much faster than anticipated. Here on Dive Price we have an article on how to improve breathing.

Another main reason why you will feel wiped out after the first dive is that your body’s natural instincts have kicked in. Dive Operations Supervisor Mick Maher of Reef Divers explains that your body battles the water’s low temperatures when you’re underwater. While you are unaware of this, it is causing a strain on your body and is a reason why you will be much more tired than you thought when you exit the water.

You’ve Just Had an Exercise So Replenish

Even experienced divers feel wiped out after a dive. For first timers you are going to be shattered. While this may seem obvious, not many realize that they should immediately rehydrate after coming out of the water. You burn at least 300 calories in an hour’s worth of scuba diving, and will often be exposed to the sun. Your body needs to replenish and rehydrate.

Getting the right amount of rest is also important. If going on more than one dive in a day a good way to replenish your energy levels is to take a quick power nap. Fitness expert and the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic spokesman Jim White was interviewed by Leesa where he advised that 20 to 30 minutes snoozes are ideal to restore your energy levels. Going for an hour or over would be counter-productive as your body will start the sleep cycle leaving you feeling even more tired when you wake.

You May Find Your Senses In A Bit of A Disarray

According to Scuba Guru you will experience a bombardment to your senses when you take the plunge. As water is denser than air, everything you hear below ground seems amplified. Additionally, you will feel bouts of pressure that can cause some uneasiness as you increase your depth. Your perception may be momentarily compromised as objects seem closer than they truly are. Once you finally emerge from the water, your body will take a short while to adjust.

You May Feel That Your Stress Has Been Lifted

If you are able to do everything by the book and by the coaching of your instruction, then you can expect to reap the benefits of deep blue sea exploration even on your first time. One of them happens to be squashing stress. Health Fitness Revolution notes that scuba diving helps balance your nervous system and brings on a calm state of mind. Despite the physical exertion of diving, it is a gentle and relaxing activity.

You Will Feel Accomplished

The biggest feeling to expect after your first dive is an enormous sense of accomplishment. If you have experienced your first dive in a pool then you will have taken that first step into an exciting new world. Coming out of the water after your first open water dive, you will know that all that hard work paid off and you are now a member of the scuba diving community.

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