5 Places You Can’t Miss When You Visit Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is regarded as the second biggest city in the world, and the 4th most populated. The cultural richness that Mexico has to offer is enough to overwhelm a traveller, with the city being so large, there are so many options for entertainment and culture, making a list of landmarks and places to go that sums of the best the city has to offer is hard. Here’s a list help you pin the top 5 places to visit when you are in town.


The only royal castle in America, an architectonic monument to Mexicos history, built on top of a sacred Aztec place, home to the royal family during the Spanish colonial period and currently, the National History Museum. A visit to the castle is not only a history lesson, but a treat to the eye for its architectonic beauty and a vast collection of furniture, paintings, clothing and historical trinkets.


The most emblematic building in Mexico City, it is also the most renounced theatre and art museum. It assembles history and art, with strong European influences in the architecture and Mexican revolution murals adorning the interiors. Permanent art exhibitions with some of the quintessential art pieces of Mexican art history, outstanding music and theatrical performances, it is the home building for classic, contemporary and modern art in Mexico.


Coyoacan, a former village and now one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City, is one of its historic centers, but is distinguished from the other by its calm and bohemian ambience. It is a popular place to hang out, especially on weekends, because many of the original layouts, plazas and narrow streets which have been preserved and date from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. A colonial oasis in a bustling city; Coyoacan is the perfect place to enjoy art, street performances, food carts, craft markets, museums, etc. The bohemian ambiance will make you feel at home, with lovely walks during day time, and great restaurants and event bars at night time.


If its possible to get lost in a place in which every building conceals an attraction and tells you a story with each landmark, it would be the historic center of Mexico City. With over 9 square km of architecture and history, you will find museums, land marks, plazas, restaurants, stores and Street performances. Prehispanic and colonial landmarks can be found, merging the two stages of Mexico’s development.and heritage. The Zocalo is its central point and main plaza, also acknowledged as the largest one in Latin America, where you can attend festivals, concerts, markets, and is surrounded by government buildings and the Metropolitan Cathedral; walking away from the Zocalo becomes a recorrido a pie in which you will run into important buildings. The advantage is that the proximity of all the main historic and cultural spots will allow you to visit the must sees without wasting time stuck in traffic.


One of the most important art museums in Mexico, its a non profit institution with over 66,000 works including paitings and sculptures from prehispanic America, colonial period and European masters, such as Rodin, Dali and Tintoretto. Considered one of the most complete art collections, each floor of the museum, with unique architecture design by Fernando Romero, holds a rich collection.

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